Text To Ascii Art

Text is entered into the Text to ASCII Art tool, which turns it to ASCII art. You may use any FIGlet font to create the ASCII art, or you can pick from a list of preset fonts. You may also change the width and height of the characters to suit your preferences. These settings will determine how much space your artwork will occupy.

Ascii Art Generator

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How Does Text To Ascii Art Tool Work?

This is essentially a free online Ascii Art generator that allows you to generate monochromatic Ascii Art. You'll be able to convert actual text to Ascii banners, which you can then simply copy and paste. Simply type the following instructions for the tool, and you'll be able to produce and generate your own Ascii art, such as this:

Test to ascii art example

It simply converts your image into a set of special characters that can then be copied and pasted into a text editor. Characters, on the other hand, combine to produce the contour (including shading) of the image displayed. To verify that the text editor you're using has suitable width, you may need to alter the "output width in characters." Keep in mind that the narrower the width, the less overall visibility and clarity you'll obtain from the image; yet, it can be a delicate balance.

So go ahead and give the Text to Ascii Art tool a try and convert your text to Ascii - and if you have any concerns about our program, please let us know and we will be pleased to assist you further. Also, do let us know if you have any suggestions, as we are always seeking to improve our entire suite of online products.