Duplicate Word Finder

Your duplicate words will be immediately highlighted by the Duplicate Word Finder tool, and you may choose to eliminate them. By moving the switch bar, the tool also enables you to change the word length while searching for similar phrases. Word frequency or duplicates are displayed in the right column next to the input area.

    Occurence of each word in an article is called Word Frequency. Word Frequency is an important metric in estimating SEO success and overall article quality.

    Duplicate Word Finder is a completely free online tool to check word frequency. You may either write the text directly into the input area or copy and paste it. Due to its purpose and simplicity, it has grown to be prominent.

    How to Use Duplicate Word Finder

    Duplicate Word Finder is quite simple.Duplicate words will automatically be highlighted and shown on the input field's right side. In the right corner, directly above the tool, a switching bar is also accessible for dragging and altering the necessary word length. Throughout the procedure, the "Spell Check" functionalities are active as normal.

    Duplicate word finder user UI