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Strip HTML Tags can be useful for users who wish to save a lot of time cleaning up sloppy material that is full of HTML tags and unattractive formatting. Strip HTML Tags removes HTML and unattractive formatting using a combination of PHP utilities (such as strip tags) and custom code. All you have to do now is paste the text and press the button, and you're done!

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Using Strip HTML Tags to remove HTML from your text is completely free. We are hoping that Strip HTML Tags will make life simpler for folks who work with the web, text, and HTML on a daily basis.

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How to Strip HTML Tags from Text?

This is only a technical point about deleting html components with JavaScript code; if you don't care about the technical specifics, skip along to the Strip HTML Tags tool.

In general, it's better to employ a technique that gracefully utilizes the DOM to discover and delete HTML content than one that relies only on Regular Expressions to detect and remove HTML elements. Because the regex technique can fail spectacularly when dealing with faulty HTML, I tried to use the javascript innerText property to get the job done in a more reliable manner.

HTML tags stripped with plain text output

How to Strip HTML Tags from Text?