Text To Voice Online Synthesizer

This Text To Voice synthesizer enables you to transform written text into speech or voice with ease. The audio recitation of the text is available immediately. You will be able to listen to it whether it is a single character or a whole text. You can use this tool to synthesize speech for your videos/interactive content.

Hey friend, I'm your personal parrot. Teach me what to say and I'll repeat!
text to speech parrot converting text to sound

What is Text To Speech and how does it work?

Our Text To Speech is an online tool which employs a speech synthesizing approach that involves first converting the text to its phonetic form. For all of the phonetics, or transcriptions, we already have human audio in our database. Phonetics and their sounds are paired together. As a consequence, you may hear the voice that has been transcripted.

How to Use Text To Speech Online?

  • Type your text
  • Select your speed level
  • Choose a language or a gender.
  • Start, Pause, and Stop