HTML Encode/Decode

To convert all eligible characters to their appropriate HTML entities, use our HTML Encode/Decode Tool. You may also use the tool to decode encoded characters and convert HTML code to a JavaScript Unicode string.

What is HTML?

html encoding illustration

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language for texts that are intended to be viewed in a web browser. Technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and programming languages like JavaScript can help.

Web browsers accept HTML documents from a web server or locally stored files and convert them to multimedia web pages. HTML initially featured cues for the document's look and described the structure of a web page logically.

HTML has been in use since 1991, but HTML 4.0 was the first standardized version to have a reasonable representation of foreign characters. When an HTML page contains special characters that are not in the seven-bit ASCII range, two factors must be considered: the integrity of the data and universal browser display.

What can you do with HTML Encode/Decode Tool?

HTML Encode/Decode is a one-of-a-kind utility for encoding plain HTML.

Common usage of HTML Encode/Decode